City of Calabasas
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Calabasas, CA 91302
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It is generally accepted that Calabasas means pumpkin, squash, or gourd, derived from the Spanish "calabaza". Some historians hold the theory that it is merely a translation of the Chumash word "calahoosa", but since that also refers to some type of gourd, it only matters to linguists. Whatever the derivation of Calabasas, we´re proud of our unique name, and every October, the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce hosts a "Pumpkin Festival" to celebrate fall, the local wares and talents of Calabasas merchants, and of course, the pumpkin for which our colorful city was named.

The City's official logo, depicting the red-tailed hawk flying over the Santa Monica Mountains, symbolizes a commitment to preserving the community's natural beauty and semi-rural quality of life.  The City logo is featured on the Calabasas City flag which is flown in front of City Hall and hangs in the City Council Chambers. 

  U.S. Census Bureau - Calabasas 
*demographics listed are as of 2000 Census unless otherwise noted

      Elevation 500-2800 feet (average 796 feet) 
      Date of Incorporation April 5, 1991 
      Size of Incorporated Area 12.9 square miles 
      Annual Rainfall 13.6 inches 
Temperature Range 
      Summer low 60's to high 90's 
      Winter low 40's to high 60's 
      Total Population: 20,033 
      Median Age: 38.5 years 
      Population 18 years and over: 71.4% 
      Population 21 years and over: 68.8% 
      Population 62 years and over: 10.8% 
      Population 65 years and over: 8.6% 
      Median household income: $93,860 
      Median Home Value: $479,000 
      Median New Home Price in 2003: $880,000
* source Los Angeles Times Survey 
      Number of Housing Units 7,426 
      74% of all Calabasas households contain at least one person with a college degree. 
      Average Household Size: 2.76 
      Persons living alone: 17% 
      Couples with children: 35.2% 
      Households with individuals under 18: 44.4% 
      Households with individuals 65 & over: 16.8% 

State of California, Department of Finance, E-5 City / County Population and Housing Estimates, 2005, Revised 2001-2004, with 2000 DRU Benchmark. Sacramento, California, May 2005.
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