So you want to move to Old Agoura?

Take this self-test. Answer these questions for you and your family:

1. Does the smell of horse manure rival red roses and BBQ sauce among your favorite odors?

2. Do roosters crowing and waking you up at the crack of dawn make you jump out of bed panicked, knowing your late to feed your animals?

3. Does the sound of goats bleeting in the late afternoon remind you that it is almost time for a refreshing adult beverage, but after you feed your animals?

4. Do you think that more than one car per hour passing infront of your house constitutes traffic?

5. Do you like listening to blues and western music while eating a BBQ meal (a local 4H project) and chatting with your neighbors?

6. How big is your pickup truck? And will it tow a horse trailer?

7. Does the sight of glaring lights on houses and bright street lights make you blind (with rage)?

8. Do sidewalks matter in the grand scheme of things and wouldn't you rather walk on a bridle path? (Did we mention horse manure?)

9. Do wild fires and flooded creekbeds merely inconvenience you?

10. Can coyotes and domestic cats live in harmony together?

11. Do you like the sight of deer in your headlights and your vegetable garden?

12. If you see a pig wandering freely down the street, do you let it find its own way home?

13. Do you like to keep rattle snakes and black widow spiders for pets? (As outdoor or indoor pets?)

14. When you have had a really bad day at work, do you ever hug an oak tree? (Not quite the same as being a "tree-hugger.")

15. What does a "honey truck" really transport? Have you ever employed the services of one?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a prime Old Agouran candidate! Welcome aboard!
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