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A beautiful landscape, a clear view and 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean. These elements coupled with the Mediterranean climate covers the community in perfect temperatures all year round. An ideal location, inviting climate, country setting and attractive living conditions combine to make this area one of the most desirable in Southern California.

Thousand Oaks is home to more than 14,825 acres of public open space with 75 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails, and is next door to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation area which gives those with a love of the outdoors a wonderful place to enjoy the environment.

However, the cultural arts are alive and flourishing in this City of 124,000 with the world-class Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza which houses the Countrywide Performing Arts Center, including the 1,800-seat Fred Kavli Theatre of the Performing Arts and the 394-seat Janet and Ray Scherr Forum Theatre. Both theatres offer a wide variety of performances including popular entertainers, Broadway musicals,  ballet, symphony, live theatre, distinguished speakers, comedy, jazz, and award-winning children's shows, and much more. The Civic Arts Plaza is a focal point in the community and is also home to City Hall and a five-acre park.

This family-friendly community, often named one of the safest cities for its size in the nation, prides itself on volunteerism - its members coming together to impact society in a positive manner - to create a better world for future generations.

Incorporated in 1964, Thousand Oaks is a premiere Southern California master-planned community.

About the City

The City of Thousand Oaks, located in beautiful Ventura County, 12 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, is nestled against the Santa Monica Mountains and surrounded by more than 14,800 acres of natural publicly owned open space. This open space contains 75 miles of trails for hiking, biking, or just leisurely walking. While this natural acreage gives our community the best of nature, another source of pride in our community is the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. Opened in 1994, this jewel of cultural arts has become a beacon for our region featuring world-class entertainment, musicals, concerts, children´s shows, ballets, and much more.  Thousand Oaks, a family-oriented community of 124, 000, is home to excellent schools, outstanding parks, and myriad shopping opportunities, including the largest auto mall in the nation, according to J.D. Powers and Associates.

Incorporated in 1964, Thousand Oaks is a master planned community at its best. City services which other communities only dream about such as a city-owned library, teen center, senior center, cultural center, quality infrastructure, and natural open space is due to thorough planning by the City´s past councils and leaders.

The City´s balanced budget is $155.1 million for 2003-2004 fiscal year including Capital Improvements. The City has been fortunate to have had a balanced budget throughout its history due to conservative management. To keep the balanced budget in place in the face of state budget cuts, City leaders have enacted a selected hiring freeze with approximately two dozen positions frozen (not being filled). Even though Thousand Oaks is still growing, the City is not adding any new positions while maintaining current programs and services.   City leaders have not added any new programs or positions for several years; cutbacks have been made in a variety of areas where possible. 

Thousand Oaks remains the economic engine of Ventura County in the areas of job creation, property tax generation, sales tax generation, and economic diversity.

With a very involved community, the City has more than 30 commissions, boards, and committees that provide citizen input to the City Council. Among these are the Resident´s Roundtable, Business Roundtable, Arts Commission, Council on Aging, and Youth Commission. The Youth Commission is in the middle of implementation of the Youth Master Plan that the City Council adopted last year. The City is helping generate interest in civic careers by participating in Groundhog Job Shadow Day and internships with our local school district and colleges. City leaders also support staff memberships in organizations such as MMASC, CAPIO, LCC, CSFMO, GFOA, etc.

Thousand Oaks staff is highly professional and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and Human Resources provides training classes both professional and personal in nature to educate employees. The City´s Information Technology Division offers computer training classes monthly for employees to learn a new program or take a refresher course.

Because of our involved community, the City of Thousand Oaks takes communicating with residents seriously.   Customer service is emphasized from helping at public counters to answering phones. Our residents are our customers. Any avenue of communication is used to let residents know about services available, public hearings, etc. Everything from press releases to the City website to ads to town hall meetings are used to "get the word out" to the community. The City also has its own government cable access channel, TOTV, to air City Council and commission meetings for residents live and as repeats throughout the week.

With the Thousand Oaks Civic Plaza as its jewel of cultural arts, Thousand Oaks is a region featuring world-class entertainment, concerts, theatre, children's shows, ballets, and much more. As a family-oriented community of 127,000, Thousand Oaks is home to excellent schools, outstanding parks, and fantastic shopping, including one of the largest auto malls in the nation.
With Nordstrom's as it's anchor, The Oaks Mall has been renovated to deliver a shopper's dream come true.  A scrumptious variety of dining and restaurants, Muvico 14 Cinemas, Macy's, and a fun variety of indoor and outdoor shopping are some of the highlights. 

Known as one of the nation's safest large cities, Thousand Oaks also has city services aplenty.  These services include an inspiring two-story library, teen center, senior center, cultural center, quality infrastructure and public transportation.  Incorporated in 1964, Thousand Oaks has a very community involved City Center with an active Town Hall that even showcases local live-music and concerts! The City even has its own government cable access channel, TOTV, to air City Council and commission meetings for residents live and as repeats throughout the week.


Population:126,081 (as of 1/2004)
Size:56 sq. miles
Incorporation:1964 as General Law City
Government Form:City Council/ Manager Format
City Employees: (full-time including police)596
Open Space:14,825 acres
Business Licenses Issued:11,438 (in 2004)
Median HH Income:$86,267  (as of 1/2003)
Occupied Dwellings:46,200 (planning area)
Median Home Price$630,000 (as of 2/2005)
Median Age:37.7 (as of 2000 Census)
School Enrollment:21,908  (as of 1/2003)
Miles of City Streets:385
Number of Traffic Signals112
Number of Oak Trees:50,000+

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